The Jackson County Drug Court provides an alternative to incarceration by providing treatment, education, and rehabilitation services for eligible offenders arrested for specific drug related offenses in the rural, single jurisdiction circuit that includes Jackson County, Alabama.

 The Jackson County Drug Court is a post-adjudication court.  Drug Court participants will be allowed entry into the court as soon after their arrest as possible, to provide earlier intervention than is available through the usual court process.

 Jackson County Drug Court will enhance and expand substance abuse services currently offered in this area.  Evaluation, case management, treatment, education, drug screening, monitoring, and other services will be provided to offenders who meet the Drug Court admission criteria.

 Client-specific case management plans will be developed and the Court Referral Officers will provide monitoring for Drug Court clients.  A reduction of recidivism is expected due to the close tracking and monitoring of offenders throughout their involvement in Drug Court.

 Further, the information contained herein constitutes guidelines established for the purpose of maintaining fairness and consistency in the imposition of sanctions for violations.  However, if at any time, the Court or the Drug Court Committee deems that the defendant’s continued involvement in Drug Court fails to secure the public from a risk or threat posed by the defendant, fails to maintain the integrity of Drug Court, or fails to insure the defendant’s safety, then the defendant’s participation in Drug Court shall be terminated and sentence imposed.

 The Jackson County Drug Court does not discriminate in regard to age, race, sex, religion, or sexual preference.