Our Goal is to Fix People, Not Fill Prisons.

The Jackson County Drug Court provides an alternative to incarceration by providing treatment, education, and rehabilitation services for eligible offenders arrested for specific drug related offenses in the rural, single jurisdiction circuit that includes Jackson County, Alabama.

Drug Court gives addicts the tools they need to become sober, law abiding citizens. They use the tools to work toward goals in their families, their work, and in their community. Sanctions seem harsh, but sometimes are necessary. We also use rewards, incentives, positive reinforcement, and praise which we find is essential and works just as well, if not better, than punitive sanctions.

Jackson County Drug Court is an eighteen-month program, provided the participant has no sanctions.  Sanctions increase time spent in Drug Court.

We Have 5 Phases to Our Drug Court:

  • Phase One is six months long and the drug court participants attend IOP treatment 6 hours per week and court status hearings every week;
  • Phase Two is also six months long and these participants attend IOP treatment 3 hours per week and court status hearings every-other week;
  • Phase Three is three months long and these participants attend IOP 1 hour every other week and court status hearings once each month;
  • Phase Four is the “senior class” of Drug Court participants and they are not required to attend IOP classes, but they may.  They are subject to color code drug testing and they attend court status hearings every-other-month; and
  • Phase Five are people who have completed Drug court, but who have not yet graduated.  They are not required to attend IOP, but may if they chose.  They attend court status hearings every-other-month and remain subject to random drug testing, as well as color code. Other services are available to them on a case-by-case basis.

The Jackson County Drug Court was established on October 31, 2007.

Drug Court Graduation Requirements:

  • A minimum of 18 months in the program
  • All outstanding criminal charges resolved
  • All required NA/AA meetings attended
  • Adherence to the principles of a 12-Step recovery program
  • All required Group Sessions attended
  • All required meetings with case manager
  • monthly individual counseling sessions
  • High school diploma or GED, if applicable
  • Driver license, if applicable
  • All  fees paid
  • All restitution paid, if applicable
  • A minimum of 270 days of clean time
  • Attend status hearings as required
  • Fulfill all community service requirements
  • Have a job or participate in a job search or perform community service
  • Drug Court costs $3,600.00 for the 18-month program, paid at $200.00 per month