Screening & Eligibility

  • To be eligible for Jackson County Drug Court, the Defendant must voluntarily plead “guilty” to his or her criminal charges.
  • Defendants charged with a felony drug possession or property offenses where there is a nexus between drug use and the crime charged.
  • The Defendant must be willing to fully participate in the Drug Court Program.
  • The defendant must be represented by counsel.
  • Defendants who are on probation in other courts must have permission of the judge who presides over the probation case prior to pleading in to Jackson County Drug Court.
  • Defendant must have substance abuse diagnosis as determined by the Court Referral Officer.
  • Defendant must have a verifiable address.
  • Defendants must be able to meet the transportation and financial obligations of drug court.

The District Attorney’s office identifies the eligible drug cases and property crimes where the defendant has a history of drug abuse and the drug abuse appears to be the underlying cause for the crime. The District Attorney may offer the Drug Court Program to the Defendant’s attorney or the attorney and/or the Defendant may request it.

Other potential drug court participants are brought to our attention by the Court Referral Officers who are familiar with the defendant’s drug history, through family members of the defendant and through members of the public who know of drug court and what it offers to people with drug problems.

Defendants must desire to participate fully in the Jackson County Drug Court and express the desire for recovery from any and all drugs, including their drug(s) of choice.

The Jackson County Drug Court does not discriminate in regard to age, race, sex, religion, or sexual preference.

Cost to participants

Drug Court participants each pay $200.00 per month for Drug Court, which is an all-inclusive fee.

Please contact us to learn more about or program.