Amazing Success Rate

Of the one hundred twenty-five (125) graduates from Jackson County Drug Court, only nineteen (19) have been rearrested. This is a remarkable recidivism rate of only 15%–or an 85% SUCCESS RATE. 

We have seen Drug Court participants do these things (and more) for themselves:

  • Achieve and keep their sobriety
  • Enroll in college
  • Regain visitation and custody of children
  • Obtain a G.E.D.
  • Learn to read and write
  • We’ve seen them get jobs
  • Bring their child support current
  • Get driver licenses back
  • Become productive members of society
  • Register to vote
  • Pay taxes
  • Get off public assistance
  • Pay for this program, not the taxpayer
  • Learn to solve problems without drugs
  • Pay their fines and court costs
  • Pay restitution to their victims
  • Take responsibility for their own actions

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