Our vision is to create a safe environment for the reunification of children with drug-free parents or guardians in nurturing homes—  Homes that are free from drug use, alcohol abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, neglect, criminal behavior and harmful reliance on social services programs.

Working with the Department of Human Resources and other community agencies, we strive to achieve safe and permanent families for children.  Through judicial accountability, using the proven Drug Court-model, and greater access to comprehensive treatment services, Family Wellness Court improves the safety and welfare of our community’s children.  Family Wellness Court helps parents recover from alcohol and drug abuse, teaches crime-free living and promote recovery from co-occurring disorders.

Family Wellness Court Goals and Requirements

Family Wellness Court is a four-phase, year-long program.  After all goals are achieved, participants graduate from Family Wellness Court. Each phase has appropriate goals, expectations, and requirements for advancement

  • Development of parenting skills
  • Detoxification and abstinence
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Improved interaction with children, leading to visitation and eventual custody
  • Become and remain drug free
  • Family Wellness Court attendance every other week
  • Complete treatment assessment and progress in treatment
  • Complete relapse prevention plan
  • Call Color Code daily and report as required
  • At least 2 self-help meetings per week
  • Obtain sponsor/accountability partner
  • Payment of fees, costs, fines, restitution as required
  • Development of recovery tools
  • Development of education and vocational goals
  • Begin other services like domestic violence counseling,individual therapy, anger management, etc.
  • Begin family and/or couples counseling
  • Become job ready
  • Become self-sufficient
  • Continued progress in treatment
  • Maintain safe and stable housing
  • Completion of all court conditions

Before graduation, participants must:

  • Complete the program
  • High school diploma or GED, if applicable
  • Attain a driver license
  • Register to vote
  • Submit a clean urinalysis for a minimum of nine months.
  • Be recommended for graduation
  • Be ready to have their children back at home